Rx 2 Go!

Rx 2 Go:

We have an App for that!: Over 46 Million apps are downloaded from the Apple App store daily. Rx 2 Go is an easy-to-use refill application and promotes patient prescription compliance with a unique patient profile view. Prescriptions submitted from this app go directly into the pharmacy’s refill queue for quick and easy processing.

QR Code generatorScan this QR code with your iPhone to download Rx2Go!

QR Code generatorAndroid users can scan this code to go directly to Google Play to get Rx2Go.

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    • Hey Trent, Unfortunately, you would have to create a new one. Please email me your First and Last name, Date of Birth, and previous email used. I will unlink that in our systems and email you when it’s completed so you can create a new one. email info to modernrx@gmail.com

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