One Hoop at a Time


[Garden Grove, CA] [06/01/2016] – A crowd is forming! Kids and parents are joining round and round to hear the exciting news. Something big has happened these last few weeks. It has only been less than a month and the community has shown great support for Modern Drug. Going on their daily rounds, employees have reached out to nearby neighbors, learned about their daily interactions, and grasped what they valued most.

Recently, we met with students from a nearby school and learned how they strive toward their dreams even with multiple setbacks. Regardless, they share one common vision. They envision a life where they will succeed. They envision a life where their accomplishments are realized. They envision a life where they are the future leaders of tomorrow. These students are part of what makes the community great.

As we go street to street, house to house, and door to door, we are taking an initiative to make a difference in the lives of others. One incident was when we were walking across a school and had a stampede of eager students and parents exiting the school. Some of these students were enthusiastic to share their stories and invited us to play some basketball. It’s kids like these that are shaping the future and we’re happy to interact with our neighbors. After all, they are the community and they shape what the future will hold. Right now, while we’re playing basketball with these students, it’s only a matter of one hoop a time. Soon, we will be helping you directly one patient at a time. Your Pharmacy, Our Community, One Big Family!