Website Update

Appearance is the first trait a person will notice. In addition, personality and perseverance are important traits too. That’s why we’re pushing to set out a new standard. To better serve your needs, we updated to a clean, modern, and responsive website.

In the next few weeks, we will be adding more convenient and innovative features. Furthermore, to spice things up, we placed a comparison of our past website to our present website. From there, we asked other neighborhood businesses to provide us feedback.

Jimmy and David spoke with Julie Nguyen and Caitlynn Dinh over at Paragon Rx Clinical while finalizing the new website update. Overall, the website is a huge improvement.

What were the results? Compare the websites & see the difference!


This was our 2nd website revision on Feb. 2015. We introduce our new website light blue and casual orange look with our updated domain:


This is our 3rd and most recent website revision. This revision incorporate a simple and modern design. Additionally, extra pharmacy and patients features will be provided.