Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain- New CDC Guidelines 2016

The CDC recently released new guidelines for Opioid use. Pain management has become a growing issue in the United States. Last year, Hydrocodone products were reclassified into C-2. It was an effort to restrict access to it and slow down the usage of narcotics in pain management.

This year the CDC and the healthcare industry are trying to educate the patients too! When we talk about chronic pain, it involves pain management for the long term. Short term use or acute pain management like wisdom teeth and minor sports injuries are excluded from this guideline.

Healthcare professionals from doctors, nurses, to pharmacists will be asking more questions if you’re on opioids. It’s to help determine if the correct regimen is being used for you. Since long-term opioid use has led to addiction, drug abuse, and ultimately death.

Ask, have you tried non pharmacologic therapy? Are you ER/LA opioids? What are your treatment goals? How often are follow up appointments? All these questions are very important in maintaining your health!




Opiod Guidelines PDF