Project Vietnam Foundation Gala

This past weekend, Jimmy had the opportunity to attend the Project Vietnam Gala, a wonderful organization based in the Orange County area. They support medical missions to Vietnam in the Spring and Summer. Jimmy has been fortunate enough to attend the spring missions the past two years and continue to support them whenever he can.

This year’s fundraiser was a bit different. We were able to sponsor our coordinator Tina from Vietnam over. She works very hard to get the hundreds of volunteers, medical supplies, logistics, all the ground work year after year for the organization. We finally got a chance to show our appreciation. She finally got to see what we look like without the sweaty scrubs, dirty finger nails, and exhaustion that we endure in a medical mission. Or in particular, what air conditioning feels like in the USA. Below is a picture of some of the volunteers from previous missions in our best red carpet poses.


Please do not hesitate to look up Project Vietnam if you are interested in donating or volunteering for future missions. If you would like more information personally, you can always drop by my pharmacy so I can reminisce about the experience and try to sell you on the grueling but rewarding work involved with it!