Website Updates & New Features

After our website redesign, we are focusing on adding new features to help you use our services more efficiently. At the present, we have finalized the Vietnamese & Spanish version of our website.

To access these languages, simply look for the languages section in your right and select your language. Below is an example of the language menu:


In addition, for your refills and new prescriptions, we have streamlined the process so that your medications can easily be viewed either on your mobile device or through our online refill portals. These options are currently available in the Tulare and Chapman location.

There are also some back end improvements and other minor features, but the languages and the refills/new prescriptions process are the current highlights for this update.

By the same token, this is only one of our many updates to come. To better serve your needs, we will continue to update our website and implement other convenient & innovative features. In the meanwhile, come by the pharmacy and chat with us. More exciting updates are coming!

For your convenience, the Vietnamese & Spanish version of our website are provided by clicking these links: Click for Vietnamese or Click for Spanish