Annual Update

About half a year ago, Modern Drug launched its third location in Garden Grove, CA. To stay consistent throughout all of our pharmacies, we are renovating the website as well as the services we offer.

The major changes in this annual update consists of:

  1. Design Revisions
  2. Page Innovations
  3. Image Overhauls
  4. Service Advancements
  5. Promotion Changes

1. Design Revisions

When we first started implementing the new features, we noticed that the old design was not working as efficiently as we wanted. Thus, we created a new design to replace the 3rd most recent design.

This is our 3rd website revision. It had a simple and modern design that incorporate some of the new pharmacy and patients’ features. This design was added on June 2016.
This is our 4th and most recent website revision. Maintaining a simple design, this revision adds the availability to implement the newest pharmacy and patients’ features.

2. Page Innovations

Before, many pages were cluttered and lacked a concise sitemap. Although, the previous revision had the sitemap in text format, we added a new UI design so that users are able to graphically see the overall page structure.


In addition, we revamped the sidebar to minimize its interference in the previous design and moved it toward a minimalist style.


3. Image Overhauls

Old images from previous blog posts are now optimized to provide you a better user experience. In addition, we redesigned our logo and banner in our website as well as in our social media pages.


4, 5, and others

There is still constant progress in updating our website. Our pharmacies will be offering more services and it will be detailed later on. In addition, the Garden Grove location will be adding some new promotions in addition to its current promotions. At this time, more updates are coming.

Note: This annual update currently applies to the English version. The Spanish and Vietnamese version will be keeping the legacy design to ensure compatibility with most devices, browsers, and operating systems.