Hello Family,

Modern Drug currently consists of 3 pharmacies; 2 in Fresno, CA and 1 in Garden Grove, CA. We are independent pharmacies deeply rooted in the American dream. Our story begins with my parents– Chan & Kim.

Our family immigrated to the US around late 1984 with little to nothing on our backs. They roamed around with various jobs. Chan used to work at a tuna factory canning sardines. It was a source of income in those meager times. They eventually got an opportunity in Philadelphia at Temple University and graduated with a pharmacy degree in the late 80’s and early 90’s respectively.

They spent weekdays raising one child, working part-time, and attended college. Their weekends were spent scrounging for coupons from the local newspaper to save the pennies that were offered. Those pennies would be the difference between having enough groceries for a week or a couple of meals missing throughout the week. We lived right behind the school on Park Ave in a studio probably about 400 sq feet. Which included a bathroom, kitchenette, air conditioning that worked during the winter and heating that worked during the summer. We survived through the efforts of the local community and friends. All of those that helped us through that struggle are family. These locales ranged from the local church on broad street, late night laundromat hangouts, the overbooked medical clinic, and Temple University Hospital cafeteria bargain meals.

After graduating, they worked for various companies like Walgreens and Payless Drugs. They ventured out in the mid 90’s and opened their first store. They worked diligently from 9-6 at the store and continued at home until midnight. By the late 90’s they were able to open our second store on Tulare in Fresno. That store had a rich history from the early 1920’s. Also from a family that built a foundation on living the American dream. The store went through 3 generations of family pharmacists before coming into our hands. It is in the heart of downtown Fresno. They built it around their community and the patients which they considered family. We found this core of their business something that corporate could never offer and is a foundation to enrich our professional life.