Break in

We are asking our patients to wait til this afternoon. We intend to have everything cleaned and disinfected by 12pm. Patients may drop off their prescriptions in the morning. We expect to be up and running by 1pm today.

Thank you for your understanding!


Modern Drug

3250 E Olive Ste B

Fresno, Ca 93721


September 18, 2018 at approximately 5am

If you have information please contact Fresno PD: 559-621-7000

Case# 18062001

Thank you!

We haven’t had the time lately but we would like to take a moment to thank all our patients and colleagues for their concerns these past few months. It means a lot to us when you guys drop by to say, “Hello, how’s it going? Saw the news etc etc?”

Also a shout out to the person that called the police to the Tulare store the Friday after Thanksgiving! I’m not sure if you read this. Yes we were technically NOT opened that day, but we were updating our computer systems. So we opened briefly with a closed sign and the police came and said someone called them because they reported we were supposed to be closed and the door was opened. We both got a good laugh, but it shows that we have a good community watching out for us.

In the end, we are hoping to continue building better relationships with our community and move forward in 2015! Thank you everyone for your concerns!

3250 E Olive Status

On January 7, 2015 our second store on 3250 E Olive Ste #B experienced another night time burglary. Our operations will resume as normal but may be delayed while our repair crews continue with their work. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to be back to our normal workflow within the next 24 hours.

Fresno’s DEA office has sent out a warning to all Fresno County pharmacies that there has been an increase in pharmacy and medical office burglaries recently. As of now, we know of 3 other pharmacies hit within the past week.

This appears to be the same group or affiliated with them from a few months ago. They cut a hole through the top. Even though we installed double deadbolts on each door (no switch for deadbolt on inside anymore), but they found a way around it. Literally by smashing out the whole door knob & deadbolt and pulling it out somehow. The process took <5mins and police arrived in ~10minutes.

If your store has been experiencing “false alarms”, please be aware they might be probing your business. As we experienced multiple “probe alarms” in the past 3 months. They are most likely testing out police response times and alarm delays.

We have full confidence in Fresno PD in catching these repeat criminals. All video and camera footage have been forwarded to Fresno PD. Our concerns remain with the judicial system’s inability to effectively punish these criminals.

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Modern Drug Break In(s)

On October 16, 2014 at around 6am PST, our store on Olive had a break in. They were able to steal a couple bottles of cough syrup (sizzurp). We don’t stock that many bottles, but unfortunately a couple bottles is worth the risk for these kids. They broke in by cutting a hole in the steel door above the deadbolt and flicking the deadbolt. We fixed that by putting a double dead bolt where both sides requires a key to unlock…

However…this morning, we suspect the same kids returned. Their method to get around the deadbolt door is seen in the featured image. They were able to unscrew the screws on top. Then, there were a handful of them with some tools to bend the door down enough to get in. We have video surveillance and are in the process of submitting it to the police.

The problem is the police are really occupied in the Fresno area these days. This isn’t the first time in the past year that pharmacies have been robbed in a similar fashion. Earlier this year, our store on Tulare had the same break in. They cut a hole above the doorknob/deadbolt and slipped their hands in to turn the deadbolt. Also, we aren’t the only victims.

We know of at least 3 other small independent pharmacies in the area that have had this happen to them in <6months. It’s probably the same crew of kids.

If anyone has any information about who’s behind this. Please relay it to the Fresno Police Department. It is a rather futile attempt, but what other choice do we have?

Contact Shakia Moton of FPD 559-621-7000.

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