Break in

We are asking our patients to wait til this afternoon. We intend to have everything cleaned and disinfected by 12pm. Patients may drop off their prescriptions in the morning. We expect to be up and running by 1pm today.

Thank you for your understanding!


Modern Drug

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September 18, 2018 at approximately 5am

If you have information please contact Fresno PD: 559-621-7000

Case# 18062001

Blue Shield of California (Covered CA) networked!


We are happy to announce that our Garden Grove location is now part of the Blue Shield of California and it’s Covered California counterparts!

Outside of some private insurance networks, our last major network that we’re waiting patiently on is Cal Optima. If you have any questions, regarding if we are in your insurance network, please do not hesitate to call one of our stores and have your pharmacy insurance card ready. We will gladly do a network eligibility test!


Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain- New CDC Guidelines 2016

The CDC recently released new guidelines for Opioid use. Pain management has become a growing issue in the United States. Last year, Hydrocodone products were reclassified into C-2. It was an effort to restrict access to it and slow down the usage of narcotics in pain management.

This year the CDC and the healthcare industry are trying to educate the patients too! When we talk about chronic pain, it involves pain management for the long term. Short term use or acute pain management like wisdom teeth and minor sports injuries are excluded from this guideline.

Healthcare professionals from doctors, nurses, to pharmacists will be asking more questions if you’re on opioids. It’s to help determine if the correct regimen is being used for you. Since long-term opioid use has led to addiction, drug abuse, and ultimately death.

Ask, have you tried non pharmacologic therapy? Are you ER/LA opioids? What are your treatment goals? How often are follow up appointments? All these questions are very important in maintaining your health!




Opiod Guidelines PDF

Vitamin Club!

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Modern Drug
10672 Chapman Ave Ste 5
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Local Pharmacy Launches Free Vitamin Club for Adults 50+
Modern Drug supports the nutritional needs of adults 50 and over with a daily multivitamin through their free Vitamin Club.

[Garden Grove, CA] [05/05/2016] – Modern Drug launches a new Vitamin Club for adults 50+ that is free for adults 50 and over. Taking a daily vitamin is just one way adults can stay healthy.

“As adults get older, their dietary and mineral needs change. Pairing a multivitamin with your diet may help to reduce the risk of illnesses and disease,” Jimmy Luong, pharmD said. “A healthy diet with a variety of foods is the first step to meeting your nutritional needs. However, older adults may benefit from a daily supplement tailored to their age that can help with key nutrients such as Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D.”

To join the program, participants must bring in new prescription(s) or transfer prescription(s) with a valid health insurance card and ID.

Modern Drug suggests that enrolled members follow the dosage according to the vitamin label and inform your doctor before taking a multivitamin. Even for adults that do not have a chronic health problem or take medication, it’s important to make sure you are taking the correct supplement for your dietary needs.

“The goal is for our Vitamin Club for adults 50+ program to help adults get the correct amount of nutrients, while promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle.”

Stop in to Modern Drug and speak to the certified pharmacy staff about the Vitamin Club for adults 50+ program, and enroll today!

To learn more about the pharmacy services offered at Modern Drug visit or call 714-867-6502 during store hours.

***only available at Garden Grove location****

Soft Opening


First day, first shift, first patient!

From Fresno to Orange County, Modern Drug is expanding.

David Pham has always been a part of our family, but now we can officially announce that he will be helping us at our Garden Grove location. Together, Jimmy and David will cater services directly to you and work to become your go to pharmacy.

Modern Drug
10672 Chapman Ave Ste 5
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Hours: Monday – Friday


CVS and Express Scripts eliminating alcohol and tobacco products?

Earlier this year in February, CVS Caremark announced it would eliminate tobacco products from its shelves. The estimates were that it would cost CVS around $2 billion in annual sales. On top of that, CVS Caremark would identify itself as CVS Health going forward. So their CEO believes this is something brand spanking new in the pharmacy business?

Express Scripts, the nation’s largest pharmacy benefits manager, is looking to do the same thing. They are looking to create these “networks.” Although, they haven’t decided to go through with it. We can say with confidence they are gathering data as we speak.

We continue to get swamped with compliance forms for them to be sign or be dropped from network. Albeit, we’ve signed and faxed them multiple times. However, somewhere in corporate, they’ve lost it in probably a massive pile of surveys. Note that none of our pharmacies carry tobacco or alcohol products.

As we read through all this commotion of “alcohol and tobacco” free pharmacies and how it’s the best thing since sliced bread, we realized it’s like Steve Jobs level innovation by CVS Caremark to do this, is quite entertaining. Do you know why?

Because your independent pharmacies have been doing this for decades, Modern Drug has never carried alcohol or tobacco products for over 15 years. Our family of pharmacists have worked and shadowed probably close to a dozen other independent pharmacies in the past decade. We don’t recall any of them carrying tobacco products.

The bottom line is we wish to encourage more people to look for the small shops. The independent pharmacies that don’t generate this hoopla over nothing. We aren’t going to eliminate tobacco products to create a giant marketing scheme for your greater health–because we most likely don’t have it anyways. We figured that was the best way to do it from the beginning.

We just want to continue serving our community, not get mixed up in the politics and commotion. =)